Labour’s teacher licensing scheme is attacked by NUT and

Labour’s teacher licensing scheme is attacked by NUT and

New proposals aimed at tackling poor teaching performance and ultimately greater accountability have been unveiled by Labour’s shadow education secretary Tristram Hunt.

The proposal is that teachers would have to apply to be re-licenced every few years, a process which would include tough check up’s on ability and performance. Failure against the criteria could result in sacking and Mr Hunt believes this system would go a long way to giving teachers the same professional standing as doctors and lawyers who have to re-licence and undergo continuous professional development. Mr Hunt said that he wanted the enormously important role of teaching to be recognised

Teachers would have to be relicensed during their careers and could be sacked if they fail tough check-ups on their abilities under plans unveiled by Labour.

Shadow education secretary Tristram Hunt said that the proposals would help give teachers the same standing as professionals such as doctors and lawyers.

Mr Hunt told the BBC that he wanted the “enormously important” role of teachers to be recognised.

His remarks drew criticism from NUT (National Union of Teachers) general secretary Christine Blower. Ms Blower stated that teachers already felt under constant surveillance and that this would require the introduction of a country wide CPD system that was easily accessible to all teachers and robust enough to cover the vast range of training and ongoing development required.

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