Soaring costs to parents for educating their children

Soaring costs to parents for educating their children

A recent survey conducted by the teaching union NASUWT, has concluded that parents of children educated in state schools are facing increased costs year on year for their children’s education.

From speaking with over 2,500 parents, the report has delved into the hidden costs associated with school and education. Many costs are escalating year on year now that schools have far more financial discretion than in years gone by. Costs for things such as equipment, clothing and field trips have lead to Chris Keates, NSWUT General Secretary, to call it an “unacceptable tax on children’s learning”.

The argument coming forth is that more autonomy for schools has meant an increase in costs due to greater variety and choice and generic school uniform no longer being viable.

The costs vary incredibly across the country and there needs to be something done immediately.

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