Seven things a Conservative government will mean for schools

Seven things a Conservative government will mean for schools

1) Tighter budgets – David Cameron has promised to ring-fence per-pupil spending which ultimately means an overall cut in school budgets with some leading experts warning that a budget cut of almost 12% faces schools across the UK.

2) Higher stakes – The Conservative party has stated they will take a zero-tolerance approach to school failure in their bid to drive up school standards. Schools that are judged in need of improvement by Ofsted will be taken over by new leadership and be forced to become and academy.

3) New legislation – a new education bill can be expected and as stated a few weeks ago by the education secretary the main focus will be on childcare and early years.

4) More tests – Students who fail to meet the necessary standard at KS2 in maths and english may need to take a resit test in year 7.

5) A change to Ofsted – The only real difference here is the likelyhood that the government will lock for a more data collective process to try and limit the burden of the process of inspections.

6) Compulsory Ebac – It’s the governments intention to make sure that every pupil sits the English baccalaureate and that schools who do not offer the Ebac will not be able to receive an outstanding grade from Ofsted.

7) More free schools – There will be at least another 500 free schools over the next 5 years and the growth of the academies programme will continue.

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